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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Look #1

First one i have ever done, I'll post a girl version tomorrow!

Fred Perry -Laurel Wrealth Long Sleeve Tartan Shirt

Wings + Horns West Point Pant

Vans - Zapato Del Barco 

Louis Vuitton- 2010/2011 Fall/Winter 

Spring / Summer Collections

Garments made out of tartan, denim, leather, studded, ripped, sewn, pinned, or even a mixture of all of that is complete beauty in my eyes.
Anything homemade or customised i just think shows true personality and enthusiasm into your own sense of style, from basing over a years worth of work on the whole Mods, Punks, Rockers scene made me fall in love even more, i got attached to the stories about Sid Vicious and his death.
My own mum used to be a punk herself until my dad told her he'd split if she didn't stop, i told her i would of jacked him off but then i wouldn't be here today! so i learnt alot about it talking to her
Now anything with a tartan shirt and loafers wins my heart over.

 This Spring/Summer 2011

Balenciaga and Balmain have punk inspired collections, Acne have done a softer more punk glam rock theme and also as mentioned on my previous post Burberry have also done a biker inspired pieces.

Burberry- Spring/Summer 2011

 The Burberry S/S11 collection is actually one of my favorites for this year.
On the runway there was studded jackets, skin tight leather trousers , and also a splash of metallic here and there which almost gave a futuristic feel to the collection.
Christopher Bailey took the traditional Burberry trench coat and translated it into various garments of biker inspired beautys!
The best thing about Christopher Bailey is that he can transform the heritage of Burberry into the hottest thing in contemporary fashion today.

John Galliano Kidswear

Not usually the path i look at when in comes to fashion , but Galliano's kidswear is amazing. The models he chooses are the cutest, yet the most unusual children i have seen but seem to have mesmorising faces.
Not to mention the designs look equally, sometimes even more well planned out and put together than the menswear and womenswear!.
Lets just say if i ever have kids, they are definitely going to be head-to-toe in Galliano.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Rory Torrens continued

I love this, Rory looks so masculine but also feminine at the same time, hes more beautiful than most women!
i really love the colours and textures they have out him in also.

Magazine- Hysteria
Photographer- Hayley Louisa Brown

Elite model Rory Torrens posing in pieces from Burberry Prorsum's coveted Men's Fall Winter 2010.11 collection for a shoot by Hayley Louisa Brown coming from the third issue of Hysteria magazine.

Rory Torrens

Becoming one of my favorite models!
this is the campaign he did for the magazine;
EY! Magateen, Winter 2011