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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Spring / Summer Collections

Garments made out of tartan, denim, leather, studded, ripped, sewn, pinned, or even a mixture of all of that is complete beauty in my eyes.
Anything homemade or customised i just think shows true personality and enthusiasm into your own sense of style, from basing over a years worth of work on the whole Mods, Punks, Rockers scene made me fall in love even more, i got attached to the stories about Sid Vicious and his death.
My own mum used to be a punk herself until my dad told her he'd split if she didn't stop, i told her i would of jacked him off but then i wouldn't be here today! so i learnt alot about it talking to her
Now anything with a tartan shirt and loafers wins my heart over.

 This Spring/Summer 2011

Balenciaga and Balmain have punk inspired collections, Acne have done a softer more punk glam rock theme and also as mentioned on my previous post Burberry have also done a biker inspired pieces.

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