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Saturday, 10 September 2011

"Make Art Not War"

Okay so after seeing Exit Through The Gift Shop a few weeks ago to top me up on knowledge for my Surface Pattern project on Street Art.
 I started reading online and headed into Urban Outfitters yesterday and picked up the book below called Street Artists- The complete guide, which is basically an A-Z bible for any one who is interested in this type of art and wants to learn about all the strange and wonderful artists around the world. I HIGHLY suggest buying this, they also sell a Banksy book which if you're into this or saw Exit Through The Gift Shop you'll know he is a very established artist. I decided to buy this though because it has 7 pages about him in this book and i wanted to learn about others such as Blek (also known as Blek le Rat) who people compare a lot to Bansky.
                                                     (Below are some of Banksy's work)

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