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Friday, 9 December 2011

Final Major Project.

Okay so the date for when i need to start my FMP is coming close! (january) and I'm in the middle of thinking of ideas at the moment.
I am really wanting to up my skills and thinking of doing a whole project based on street style, I love learning about peoples inspirations and i can also get my photography skills in there too! in just one photo you can really  get someone's personality and vibe across just from their style.
I'm also going to style a couple of models in different scenes taking a few of my favourite fashionistas inspirations and coming up with my own looks, I'm really looking forward to starting this project and then hopefully to be able to present them to the university's in my interviews as i have a feeling i can really get what i am all about with this project.
And i will of course keep you all up to date as I am doing it, so keep your eyes peeled!.

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