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Friday, 3 August 2012

VISVIM Fall/Winter 2012

 This is just a peek into what Visvim have to offer us for their Fall/Winter 2012 collection, and by the looks of things it's going to be bloody good!

Once again, Nakamura has been inspired by a mix of classic Japanese tailoring and Native American designs. Rumours are that there are some iconic pieces returning such as the FBT SHAMAN JP. The 2012 Fall/Winter versions upper will be crafted from premium UK manufactured cow suede, hand-finished and then sat upon PU and Vibram midsole/sole combination, shoes set to be released include denim SKAGWAY, suede YUCCA MOC and Italian canvas GRIZZLY MID models. Outerwear will include the popular PFD 2.5L GORE-TEX, denim ARTIFACT COVERALL (as seen above) and the military inspired jacket KILGORE jacket.

Expect to see this collection in selected stores at the end of August.

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